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Company Name



MM2100 Industrial Town, Block M-I-I
Export Processing Zone, Cikarang Barat
Bekasi 17520, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
(Tel) 62-21-8981389 (Hunting) (Fax) 62-21-8980716

Date of Incorporation

September 11, 1995

Start of Operation

October 1996 (Trial), December 1996 (Commercial)


US$ 14 million

Paid-up Capital

US$ 4 million


Paramount Bed Co., Ltd. 100%
( 70% market share in Japan )

Board of Commissioner

President Commissioner

: Kyosuke Kimura
: Michihide Kimura
: Tomohiko Kimura

Board of Director

President Director
Director (Production)
Director (Administration)

: Ryojiro Kato
: Tadatoshi Saito
: Jefferson Siringoringo

Line of Business

1. To manufacture hospital beds and its accessories.
2. To export and sell domestically own products and
    Paramount Bed Group's products.


263 (as of May 2015)

Land and Building

Land: 30,420 m2      Factory: 11,577 m2

Annual Production of Beds 10,821 units (Average in 14 years since Jan 1997 until March 2011)


55 countries
Japan, Kuwait, China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippine, Russia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Syria, Coulumbia, Yemen, UAE, Bahrain, Mesir, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Lebanon, Senengal, India, Srilanka, Tanzania, Nikaragua, South Africa, Camboja, Sudan, Turkey, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Jordan, Afganistan, Oman, Bolivia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Asia Pasific, USA, Hongkong, Kenya, Myanmar, Peru, Qatar, Australia, Honduras, Equador, Nepal.

Domestic Sales

1,291 Customers (up to May 2015)

Registration of Ministry of Health
(Date of Registration)

(Date of Registration)

(Date of Registration)

DEPKES RI AKD. 20902800444 s/d AKD. 20902800451
(30 June 2008)
DEPKES RI AKD 10902500080 s/d AKD 10902500095
(13 March 2005)
DEPKES RI AKD 20902500067 s/d AKD 20902500078
(17 March 2005)

Certificate EN ISO 9001:2008
Certificate EN ISO 13485:2012
Certificate EN ISO 14001:2004

No. 16 00 C 14062 (Dated 24 April 2008)
No. 04 221 050482 (Dated 12 April 2012)
No. 08 104 0020 (Dated 24 April 2008)